Spinach, Tomato, and Quinoa Breakfast Casserole

Whip up one pan of this veggie-packed egg and quinoa casserole and you’re set for a week’s worth of breakfasts! It makes five servings of hearty, protein-packed meals. Just reheat briefly in a microwave or toaster oven, and go. Quinoa might sound like a surprising choice for a morning meal, but its nutty flavor compliments the rest of the dish and makes it more filling and protein packed. Cottage cheese (or ricotta) gives it even more protein and cheesy goodness. Use this recipe as a template for other delicious combinations. You can swap the spinach and tomatoes for any other vegetables you like. Try kale and mushrooms, sautéed bell peppers and onions, or asparagus and artichoke hearts. We

Shrimp Coconut Curry

If you’re craving a flavor-packed, protein-rich meal, but don’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen, this is a recipe you need to try. This bold yet delicate shrimp coconut curry dish can be on your plate – or impressing a date – in about 20 minutes (10 if you buy shrimp that is already peeled and deveined). Shrimp is cooked in fragrant coconut milk with curry powder, fresh ginger and lime, and a touch of honey. Dress it up with brown rice and chopped cilantro, and serve with a wedge of lime. If you like a little bit of heat, add a pinch of crushed red pepper or a finely chopped fresno chile. Shrimp cooks unbelievably fast, so keep an eye on your cooking temperature. For the best resu

Vegetarian Pizza Salad

There’s salad. There’s pizza. And then there’s pizza salad. This ingenious recipe combines the flavors of both and let’s you enjoy all the delights of pizza in a 100% healthy way. From the creamy mozzarella to all of the fresh peppers, mushrooms, and onions you’d find on a veggie lover’s pizza, this low-carb version of everyone’s favorite Italian dish will make you wonder why no one thought of this sooner. We used fresh mozzarella bocconcini, but you can use shredded mozzarella, or even parmesan. Like other vegetables on your pizza, like artichoke hearts or roasted broccoli? Both would make a welcome addition here. Total Time: 15 min. Prep Time: 15 min. Cooking Time: None Yield: 1 serving

Chicken and White Bean Chili

This craveable chili recipe is lighter than traditional chili, and not just in color. It features creamy white beans and tender chunks of chicken in a flavorful broth and hints at the fresh flavors of spring with juicy red bell peppers and aromatic cilantro. It’s lightly spiced with cumin and chili powder and mild, roasted green chilies. Instead of high-calorie cheese this Chicken and White Bean Chili is topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt. When you’re yearning to savor something bright and refreshing, but still need something to warm your bones, this Chicken and White Bean Chili is your answer. It’s the best of both worlds, and it allows you to make six portions in an hour or less. After y

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