15 ways to reward yourself without food

One of the biggest challenges when trying to lose weight and take control of emotional eating is finding new ways to reward yourself without indulging. Choosing a best reward can be challenging. We often spoil ourselves with food or alcohol. But those incentives can undo all of your hard weight loss work. So it's best to choose non-food rewards to keep your program on track. Take a nap Get a mani/pedi Re-read a favorite book Take a hot bath Watch a Youtube makeup tutorial and experiment Visit a free museum Take time to do your hair and makeup Shave your legs and put clean sheets on your bed Take a weekend trip to somewhere nearby and explore the local attractions Get fun new kitchen tools En

Operation Backstreet Bikini Bod

Yes, you read that right; Backstreet Bikini Bod. And yes, Backstreet refers to the Backstreet Boys. I'm Lauren and I'm a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan. And I'm super PUMPED that this May will be the first year that I'm going on the official BSB CRUISE (yes, they have their own cruise). Like any vacation, I want to look and feel my best. All the pictures, the Instagram videos, the concert photo-ops....it's going to be a social media frenzy. So over the next two months I'm going to be following specific workout and meal plans so that I can rock a Backstreet Bikini Bod when we set sail! I'm an online health & fitness coach that has lost (and kept off) 20+ pounds over the past 4 years using clean eat

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