Liift4 Results: Scroll through all the Before & After photos

The hottest workout of the summer allows you to only have to workout 4 days a week, you can eat pizza AND still get amazing results. It's called Liift4, and is led by a super-hot trainer named Joel Freeman. Spoiler: sorry Ladies, he is married! But he's super fun to stare at ;) LIIFT4 will be available in the Beachbody On Demand member library on October 1, but LIIFT4 is now available for sale for VIP Early Access (ask me how you can get in on our group with 150 people following the program!). What's the deal with Liift4? Since you’re only working out four days a week, Joel makes every second count during each workout; they’re structured to keep you lifting on pace and constantly moving, whi

What a Health Coach ate for her Birthday

I’ve been a fitness business owner for 6 years now, and a lot of the questions that I get revolved around food. What to eat, do I always eat healthy, do I eat this or that? It’s even funnier when I’m at work (I’m a Senior Email Marketing Manager for a retailer in Texas) and my coworkers joke about if I’ll eat a piece of birthday cake for someone, or have that slice of pizza. I am a healthy person – but I think the common misconception is that I NEVER eat unhealthy food --- which is untrue! I’ve just made the decision to eat less of that type of stuff and do my best at work (on weekdays) to focus on the food that I prep and bring into work. I’ve always said that I do believe in the “treat-yo-

Beachbody Coach Training: Scheduling your Power Hour

Today I want to talk about creating a POWER HOUR and scheduling out your time as a Beachbody Coach. Building a successful Team Beachbody business requires effective time management. No matter how little or how much time you have to invest using your time wisely is very important. I work 45-50 hours a week in an office, and schedule my time accordingly of when I do everything on my Business Activity Tracker. Watch this video from Superstar Diamond Coach Melanie Mitro about creating a power hour: Here is how my Power Hour works throughout the day: Morning before work (20ish minutes): - Send FB invites / IG follows - FB posts - Answer messages in inbox Drive to work (35 minutes): - Drink my Sha

8 easy ways to eat healthy when you’re busy AF

One of the biggest excuses that I hear is "I don't have time" to eat healthy. I know that when I started my health and fitness journey in my late 20's I just assumed that I didn't have time to cook my meals, and instead I was just reaching for unhealthy options that would be loaded with sugar and have my energy dragging. I was also spending a LOT of money eating out and on the go. When I finally bite the bullet and started to eat healthy and meal prep, I found shortcuts that worked well with my schedule of working in corporate america. Here are my 8 tips on how to make it work when you are busy AF. Plan out your week when it comes to eating. Every Sunday night I take a look at my schedule fo

Beachbody Coach Training: How to share the monthly Online Bootcamp

Inviting to your Challenge Group (or Online Bootcamp) is one of the 4 vital behaviors that you will be doing DAILY as a Coach. Sharing your health and fitness journey on a daily basis, along with specific posts promoting your Online Bootcamp will make it a lot easier to start conversations about the Online Bootcamp to your social media friends and followers. The important thing to remember is that posting publicly about your Online Bootcamp doesn't count as an "invite." You need to be having daily 1:1 conversations with people to see if it leads to an invite. The power is in the personal conversation. So how can you share your Fitness Journey without looking like a walking advertisement? Goo

Beachbody Coach Training: Starting new conversations daily

Now that you are starting to share your health and fitness routine online, you want to have genuine conversations with people that are interacting with your posts. These will count as your new conversations that you are having daily on your Business Activity Tracker. Some of these may turn into potential customers, some may not. And that is OK! I think it's pretty obvious when someone is trying to sell you something and not being genuine....and that is NOT our goal with starting new conversations daily. You can't control who is going to say YES to Beachbody and to joining your Online Bootcamp or Coaching Team, but you CAN control how many people you talk to every month in order to try to rea

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