80 Day Obsession: Month 1 results

Four weeks in the books, let's celebrate! Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession is in the books. 80 Day Obsession - Week 4 results Starting weight Wk 4: 172.5 End of Week 4: 169.9 Weight loss: -2.6 lbs Total program weight loss: 5.1 lbs *I'm 5'10" and 33 years old* I've been blogging the past 4 weeks about how my experience is going with my 80 Day bootcamp. I'm a bride-to-be that's looking for some healthy habits to feel beautiful for my wedding. Related: See my Phase 1 results from the first time I did 80 Day Obsession. Week 4 was about getting back on track. In Week 3 I slacked off on meal prep, stressed out about wedding planning and ended up gaining weight back. I knew that I wanted to get back on

80 Day Obsession: Week 3 results

Week 3…aka the week that I gained weight back and tried to blame it on stress and my period. I was too embarrassed to write this blog post until now (4 days after when I normally blog). But instead of wallowing in the fact that I gained weight back, I used it to MOTIVATE me to look at the root of what I was slacking on last week. This is real life – and if you don’t follow the plan in front of you from a professional, you can’t expect the results. 80 Day Obsession - Week 3 results Starting weight Wk 3: 170.6 End of Week 3: 172.5 Weight gain: +1.9 lbs Total program weight loss: 2.5 lbs *I'm 5'10" and 33 years old* Ah, the dreaded weight gain. The sinking feeling when you see that a week went

80 Day Obsession: Week 2 results

The second week is definitely easier to complete than the first. I'm now two week into this 80 Day (or 13 week) program. Here's my results so far: 80 Day Obsession - Week 2 results Starting weight Wk 2: 172.5 End of Week 2: 170.6 Weight loss: 1.9 lbs Total program weight loss: 4.4 lbs *I'm 5'10" and 33 years old* Food was the STRUGGLE BUS (I'd give myself a C) This week I struggled with giving myself my treat meals too early in the week. I mentioned in one of my last blog posts that I was going to do this program with a modified meal plan this time around. On Tuesday night Jordan and I went out to dinner at Bonefish Grill (one of my personal favorites). All portion control went out the windo

80 Day Obsession: Week 1 results

Welp, here goes nothing. 80 Day Obsession - Week 1 results Starting weight: 175 End of Week 1: 172.5 Weight loss: 2.5lbs *I'm 5'10" and 33 years old* I just published my weight on the internet. All in the name of transparency and inspiration. If you don’t know me, HI! I’m Lauren. I’m an online health and fitness coach (it’s my side-hustle) and I share my fitness journey on social media. I blog/post/share to inspire others to get healthy, like I have. I’m an affiliate/Coach for Beachbody, and their programs have helped me lose 25 pounds over the past 5+ years. One year ago (October 2017) I completed the toughest fitness program I’ve ever done: 80 Day Obsession. I was asked to be a part of th

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