How I planned my Wedding in 5 weeks | Winter wedding in McKinney, TX

Some people think I'm crazy....other people think it's amazing. My fiancé (now husband) and I decided to have 2 ceremonies and 3 receptions for our wedding. Some backstory: Jordan and I are from different states. He grew up in North Texas and I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia. We met in Texas, fell in love and bought a house together in McKinney, TX. We got engaged in September 2018 and I was lucky enough to have my family, his family and my best friend be there when he asked me to become his wife. All of the thought and planning that he put into engagement made it uber-romantic and really set us up for having a special wedding ahead. The surprise engagement in September 2018 We talked a

80 Day Obsession: Month 2 results

Yikes, it's been 4 weeks since I've written a blog post update how my workout program is going. Well...I was a bit busy planning my WEDDING! Jordan and I decided to get married in a small, intimate ceremony on Friday, December 14. It was absolutely perfect. Leading up to the wedding, I had been weighing myself weekly to track my progress following the 80 Day Obsession workout program and nutrition plan. And to be 100% was driving me crazy. My weight was fluctuating because of stress and social obligations and it was taking a toll on my sanity. So I stopped stepping on the scale and just tried to do my best with my workouts and my eating choices. Month 2 of 80 Day Obsession

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