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Lipstick And Lunges
Lipstick And Lunges
Lipstick And Lunges
Lipstick And Lunges


Girl look at that body....I workout!
At home or on-the-go, let's sweat with world-class celebrity trainers.
  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • You must live in the United States, Canada or the U.K.
  • You must not currently be a Coach or be working with another Beachbody Coach.
  • Can-do attitude, ready to set realistic goals and crush them!


World class workouts.


Nutrition made easy.

(We'll work together to select

your perfect program)


Plug into the

Online Bootcamp

How does the Online Bootcamp work?

My Facebook group is where the MAGIC happens, and you’ll have lifetime access no matter if you put your journey on hold, expand your fitness + nutrition horizons elsewhere or end up becoming a coach on my team. I believe that we are stronger together, and health and fitness is a lifelong pursuit. I want to make sure that you always know that you have a place to plug back in and stay supported.


Your posts will never end up on your public news feed, and nothing from within the group is shared without expressed written permission. I do recommend that if even if you don’t have a Facebook, that you create a dummy account simply to stay connected - you don’t even need to add your family and friends - this can simply be an account that you use to gain access to groups. This is because Facebook is where we can easily share photos, videos, live streaming, encouragement, resources, recipes, tips and stories -- and where we do our daily check-ins to stay accountable.

Initial Coaching Call with Lauren to set goals and set you up for success.


A 4 Week Meal Plan (including approved foods, grocery lists and daily meal plans).


Access to 700+ at-home workout routines (from beginner to advanced) to stream at on your TV, computer or mobile device.

Motivational Facebook Live Videos and Q&As.


Weekly check in's with Lauren to ensure you are following through with the program.

Access to track your workouts, nutrition and measurements on my private App.

First dibs on invitations to my mini challenges + events.

Ready for a true LIFESTYLE CHANGE?

The focus is on setting REALISTIC and achievable goals for YOUR lifestyle. It's about having balance and not feeling deprived. 

Women of all ages, lifestyles, body types and fitness levels supporting each other on a lifelong journey toward becoming the strongest versions of ourselves.

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