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My Lifestyle Transformation

I graduated college with a degree, and 25 extra pounds. Needless to say, my 4 nights of drinking a week and late night drunk pizza trips had caught up with me. Metabolisms are a bitch.


After college, I tried every fad diet possible. Low carb meal plans, frozen meals, calculating points - you name it, I tried it. And each time I'd commit for a couple weeks, not see immediate results, and quit.  I was exhausted and uncomfortable in my body. My clothes didn't fit. I felt hopeless. I was tired of spending money on all these programs that were quick fixes.

It’s so easy to be SOLD by fad diets out there. They are all about the marketing, sucking you in to hop on the train of the “next big thing” that will help you “shed weight fast.”

I’ve been following my at-home programs for 5 years now. I share on social media and started to hold myself accountable to what I was eating, drinking and how I was exercising - and that grew into helping other women making lifestyle changes and getting results too. I don’t sell a product that is a fad. I don’t sell products that your body doesn’t need, or a crash “diet” that will cause you to gain the weight back once you get off the program.

I LOVE the lifestyle tweaks that I have made and feel as though they are sustainable. It started off with cutting out Diet Coke and fast food. Then adding in exercise. Then tweaking my weekend habits.  I promote overall HEALTHY eating {70% of the time} and 30 minutes of activity a day for RESULTS. <--- THAT is what I'm comfortable "selling" because it’s real and how I’ve gotten results.

The community is what solidified me, though. I was plugged into a group of positive, awesome people that were all on the same health and fitness journey as me. They realized that you slip up, want to drink on the weekends, and sometimes miss a workout. And they were there when I needed them to keep me on track. 

Since using Beachbody products 4 years ago, I have lost (and kept off) the 25 pounds that I gained in college. Better yet, I've found the true BALANCE that I craved. I don't have to give up my social life or spend hours at the gym. 

Do you want to lose weight but don't know where to start?​

Are you the type of person that needs an exact plan to follow?​

Do you need help staying motivated and accountable to your health & fitness goals?

I'd love to help. Let's chat.

My Current Workout Routine

My health is a marathon and not a sprint! I continue to practice a healthy lifestyle, even though I have reached my goal weight / size. I blog about the programs that I'm following and share my experience with each program.

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