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Weekly Menu: April 18 - 24

Who absolutely HATES grocery shopping?

While working out is hard, eating healthy is often HARDER. Nutrition is 75% of your results, and what people often struggle with the most. Years ago when I wanted to change my healthy habits, I struggled with where to start.

- What kinds of foods should I eat? - Should I totally cut out carbs? - How many meals should I eat a day? - Can I still drink coffee? - I don't think I can live without cheese - how much can I have a day?

Then I found a program that literally changed my life. I learned how to exercise portion control, get creative with my meals, and organize exactly HOW MUCH of each food I needed to eat daily.

Now as a Coach, I provide this weekly to my challengers, so they don't have to think twice about what to eat to see results. And as you can see -- eating healthy doesn't have to be boring!

New grocery list and menu is up for Spring Shape Up: 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. No second guessing what to eat next week, just follow the grocery list and plan we have provided.

Limited spots are still available for our challenge -- comment below or Contact Me for more details.


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