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Nutrition & Nightlife Challenge: Clean Eating Meal Plans with Alcohol

Q: You need to give up booze to have abs / lose weight / see results. A: FALSE. Yes, abs are made in the kitchen. But I've found an amazing way to BALANCE what I'm eating during the week so that I can fully enjoy myself on the weekends. And that's why I decided to create the NUTRITION & NIGHTLIFE CHALLENGE.

Summer is one of the hardest times to say "no" to cocktails; happy hours, weddings, vacations, the beach....all of these are more fun when you add in some booze. So I'm creating a custom challenge for those who like to drink, but still want to feel comfortable in their bathing suits. We start up on August 1: - 4 Week Meal Plan -- Weekday Warrior and YOLO weekend guide - Workouts you can access anywhere (including cardio, weights, pilates & more) - 30 day supply of superfood shakes - 24/7 online accountability and support - Me as your Coach for LIFE I'm going to be enjoying my final weekends in Avalon and Philly, so I won't be holding back. I know this meal plan will keep me on track -- and I want you to join me too!

Email me for more information on how to join.

#21DayFix #Recipes

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