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I quit my Marketing Job to become a full-time Online Health Coach. AND I'm moving to Texas!

Last week was my final week in Corporate America. At 30 years young, I retired myself from an 8-to-5 job in Email Marketing to work my Beachbody business full-time.

It blows my mind that in 3 years of working this business part-time, it was possible for me to match my Corporate income (NOTE: Insert Beachbody disclaimer here that this income is not handed to you, and it takes hard work. Each Coach's income level is determined by the hard work of the individual).

For those of you that don't know Beachbody...have you heard of the at home DVDs like Insanity, P90x or the 21 Day Fix? Those are all distributed by a company called Beachbody. They specialize in at-home fitness programs and high quality

Team Beachbody is multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity, part of a growing tiered-business trend reminiscent of the Tupperware parties and Avon sales of yesteryear. The MLM strategy revolves around self-employed "consultants" selling products while recruiting additional sales people working their "downline."

There are close to 500,000 Beachbody Coaches in the US and Canada, and in 2015 I was ranked #182 in the company. Last year I was also able to earn $49K working this business part-time while still working my full-time Email Marketing job.

As my business and income continued to grow in 2016, I knew there was a possibility that I could make this my full-time income. When it came down to it, there were 5 main reasons that I decided to become my own boss and quit my secure marketing job:

1. There's no better feeling than helping someone change his/her life.

2. I didn't feel fulfilled sitting at a desk 8 hours a day.

3. Ten vacation days a year didn't cut it.

4. I set my own hours and can work anywhere I have an Internet connection.

5. My marketing skills will now be used to market MY BRAND.

Now that I have 40 hours a week to be a Coach...what does my work day look like Monday through Friday?! To be honest, I'm still figuring all of that out :) I am excited to have more freedom to travel.

Which leads me to my next set of big news...I'm moving to TEXAS!!!

First question likely popping into your mind: Why Texas?! First, to clarify, my sister (who is also a full-time Coach) and I have decided to purge our belongings, sell our houses/get rid of our apartments, and TRAVEL for the next year or so. We have both lived in Pennsylvania our entire lives. After a tiny taste of traveling to new cities in the US, we knew we wanted to take advantage of the "work from anywhere" perk of Coaching. So we decided for the next 12 months we will travel and explore to find a new home. #BonVoyageBeleys

Why Texas?! We are looking into states with no personal income tax and Texas happens to be one of them. In addition, we a handful of Beachbody friends that live in Dallas and we think it would be a great place to start. We are road tripping to Texas after Labor Day, and plan to stay there through the end of the year. Where is our next destination? We aren't quite sure, yet! :) We are open to ideas and excited to see where it takes us.

With this new adventure, I know that I have the opportunity to reach more people, run more challenge groups, do more marketing/branding for myself, and straight up HELP MORE PEOPLE (whether it be with their fitness, or to start up a business).

So expect to hear a lot more from me in terms of challenge groups, healthy recipes, blogging, and success stories! If you or someone you know is interesting in working with me or learning more about what I do -- please don't hesitate to reach out. xo

There is freedom out there, and it IS POSSIBLE to set crazy goals and to reach them.

My next big why is to help others do the same. To help mother's get to spend more time with their families. To help those drowning in credit card debt make a dent in it (on their own time and terms). To help women who lack self confidence have a new sense of LOVE for themselves.

#Coach #Dallas #Moving

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