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Why Dallas?!

Hands down the most asked question about my move is -- "Why DALLAS?"

I lost my voice this weekend telling my story about it, so I thought it would make sense to tell the full story on my blog here :)

I'm moving to Dallas, Texas

The best part about my new full-time gig as a Beachbody Coach is that I can work my business from ANYWHERE. Yes, anywhere I have an Internet connection! I have lived in Pennsylvania (the Philadelphia area) my entire life, so my sister and I decided to take our careers on the road for the next 12 months.

So....why Dallas, Texas?

1. We know other successful full-time Coaches that live in Dallas. Moving to a new town is scary enough, so moving somewhere that we know a handful of people makes the transition to moving to the South easier.

2. I didn't want to deal with another East Coast Winter. I hate the cold and I HATE snow. Dallas has a longer summer and a more wild winter. 'Nough said.

3. Texas is a state with no individual income tax. Many of the top Beachbody Coaches tend to live in states with no personal income tax (most seem to live in TX or FL). As your business starts to grow, saving an extra 3-4% of income will start to add up. And since I plan to make this my long-term career, I want to cash in on that income for my future family.

We leave tomorrow (9/8) and will be living in long-term Air BNBs until the middle of December. Then we will drive home to Philly for Christmas and New Year's....and in January find a new place to live.

The sky is the limit as to where we will end up next (if you ask me I can bet it will be some place WARM). Excited for this new chapter to begin! xo

#Dallas #BonvoyageBeleys #Moving

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