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I'm a Dallas resident!

Three days. Seven states. 1,500 miles. And now I live in TEXAS!!!

If you've been following my #BonVoyageBeley story, you probably know that I quit my email marketing job in August to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time Health & Fitness Coach. The beauty of this business is that you can work it from ANYWHERE you have a WIFI connection, so my sister and I decided to take the next 12 months to travel and live in different cities. First stop is Dallas (if you are wondering WHY DALLAS, check out this last post).

Road trip to Dallas, TX

We mapped out a travel plan, stuffed our Santa Fe with all of our clothing, workout gear and Bowflex Selecttech weights, and hit the road!

I've never been one for road trips (I'd much rather fly), but I am happy to report that we made the best of the 3 days on the road. The car was STUFFED to the brim with our stuff (mostly mine, I had a REALLY hard time deciding how much/what clothing to bring to Dallas for the next 3.5 months).

Our schedule went as follows:

Day 1: Bucks County, PA to Charleston, West Virginia (stay overnight)

Day 2: Charleston, West Virginia to Nashville, Tennessee (stay overnight)

Day 3: Nashville, Tennessee to Dallas, Texas (arrive at our Air BNB)

Days 1 and 2 weren't too long (8 hours and 6 hours in the car, respectively), but Day 3 was a killer (11 hours to Dallas). Luckily my sister and I were prepared with ways on how to pass the time...

1. Schedule calls with our Team to chat about their business and answer questions

2. Listen to personal development (GoPro by Eric Worre) and planned out a new training session for our Team

3. Pop music playlists to belt out to (our favorites include The Chainsmokers and Beyonce)

4. We discovered the podcast SERIAL (I know, we are late to the game) and got HOOKED! We would mix up PD, music and this podcast to pass the time

5. Staying active at rest stops (jumping jacks, squats & lunges) helped make sure that our bodies didn't cramp up from hours in the car

Saturday night we reached our Air BNB (we found long-term accommodations through the rest of the year in Dallas), and started to unpack our things. We are in an adorable part of the Knox/Henderson area and walking distance to an Apple Store, Lulu Lemon, Trader Joe's and Starbucks. We have a handful of friends that live here so it's nice to come to a city where I'm not completely in the dark of what to do or who to hang out with!

I'm excited to get into a routine this week and start to really work my Coaching business. I have so many new ideas for my challengers and coaches - that I'm really excited to finally be settled in our home for the rest of 2016.

Thanks for reading along and I look forward to sharing more with everyone this week! xo

#BonvoyageBeleys #Moving #Dallas #Coach

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