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Introducing the free 21 Day Knockout Challenge

This Fall, I want you to hear "She's a Knockout!"

Knockout: An impressive person; ie: beauty, babe, bombshell, vision, dream.

EVERY woman deserves to feel like a babe, which is why I'm SO excited to host a brand-new challenge for October. My girlfriend and fellow Coach, Michele, and I will be hosting the KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE, a 21 day group that will focus on HIIT workouts and healthy recipes.

Better yet, this challenge is COMPLETELY FREE to my new challengers!

Free Knockout Challenge

I've never been one for group exercise classes (I'll admit it, I am NOT very coordinated), but what I love about using Beachbody On Demand is that I can do these workouts in the comfort of my own home. No judgement about missing the moves, no commute to the gym and I can hit pause and/or replay whenever needed!

What you'll get in this FREE Challenge:

- Access to stream hundreds of professional workouts in the comfort of your own home (via Beachbody On Demand)

- Three week workout schedule (each workout includes a modifier)

- A different workout every single day

- Dozens of healthy recipes

- Daily accountability with challengers and your Coach

- Weekly participation prizes

I decided I will be sharing my favorite healthy recipes throughout the Challenge as well (which follow the 21 Day Fix meal plan).

💫 NO PURCHASE necessary to join! Just free at-home workouts to make you feel like a total bada$$ and burn a TON of calories! If you're interested in melting away fat with me and gaining strength and confidence - request to join the Knockoff Challenge! We start on October 3rd.

NOTE: This group is not for those who are already happily working with a Beachbody Coach - please contact your coach for more support. This is also just for our clients, no coaches (unless you're a Lipstick & Lunges Coach).


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