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#BonVoyageBeleys - 2 Weeks as a Texan

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I've been living in Dallas! It's still surreal to me, I feel like this is an extended vacation...but this is my new 'hood until the end of 2016!

If you're just learning about my journey, in August I quit my full-time job to become a Coach 24/7. On top of that, my sister and I have decided to travel the next 12ish months across the country to find a new place to live. Dallas was the first stop from mid September to mid December.

After and epic three day road trip, we made it to Dallas, Texas. We are staying in long-term Air BNBs in the Uptown area of Dallas. The cool thing about Air BNB is that most Hosts will give a generous discount (20% or more) to the nightly rate once you are staying for 30+ days. This played a big factor into booking our living arrangements and it's pretty sweet that all utilities are included in that price as well!

Overall, I'm loving Dallas. Here are my biggest takeaways 2 weeks in...

1. I need to get used to saying "y'all."

2. I still am caught off guard when I'm called "M'am."

3. I'm constantly calculating what time it is on the East Coast (probably because most of my friends and family are still in that time zone).

4. Dallas is a really active city; there are tons of gyms, workout studios and fitness classes. The Katy Trail is a few blocks away (it reminds me a lot of running on the Skyul River) and I found an awesome FREE bootcamp called WeRunBigD. I almost died last Wednesday morning...but it was awesome to meet other active locals!

5. When renting Air BNB's, make sure the place you rent has a comfy couch. Mistake #1 was thinking about the lounging factor in the place we rented. It has a leather couch that's pretty small, and isn't suitable for entertaining or lounging. Luckily, it's instead forcing us to get outside more.

6. Brunch is a necessity on Sundays. Our first and second Sunday were spent at Taverna, which is a few blocks away and features $2 mimosas from 10am - 4pm. Need I say more?

7. There is a lot of local talent on Bumble. #DatingInDallas is one of my objectives in traveling during this adventure. One date down so far (it went OK), but lining up some other dates in the coming weeks. It seems like there are a lot of non-Texan transplants (which is OK), and that there are a lot of active users on the apps. I'm sure I'll have more to report on this in the coming weeks ;)

Have you been to Dallas? Or know a friend here? I'd love to hear recommendations on what to do, where to go, and who to meet! xo

#Moving #Dallas #BonvoyageBeleys

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