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#BonVoyageBeleys - 6 Week Update

Hey y'all -- I've been in Dallas for over ONE MONTH! I wanted to share how things are going with the trip so far. (If you are just hearing from me now, I quit my full-time marketing job in August to pursue online coaching and travel the U.S.).

First off - I LOVE this city. It's clean, vibrant and full of active young professionals. There are different neighborhoods (much like Philadelphia). There is a trendy area (Uptown), Hipster area (Deep Ellum), Arts area (Arts District) and a ton of other areas.

The best part about setting my own hours while running my business, is that I've had time to check out some awesome events in the Big D.

Here are some of the things I've checked out thus far:

State Fair of Texas

Since 1886, the State Fair of Texas has been "the thing" to look forward to in the Fall. I have never seen a Fair so big (or awesome). The Fair features food, exhibits, live animals, games -- and more!

It was Fried Food Heaven: Fried Pickles, Fried Thanksgiving Dinner on a stick, Fried Cookies, Fried Tequila, Fried Mac & Cheese, etc. AKA not Beachbody approved foods, but it was so interesting to try out new things.

There is this super tall / creepy statue called Big Tex. He talks and waves his arms but it makes for a good IG pic ;)

Big Tex

Pre-Season Dallas Stars Hockey Game

I checked out a pre-season game for the Stars earlier this month; the American Airlines Arena is super clean and easy to get to with public transportation. It's located in Downtown Dallas and has bars within walking distance, which makes for a fun pre and post game!

Texas - OU Game

Known as the "Red River Challenge," this is one of the biggest college football games in Texas of the year. Given that my friend and mentor went to OU, I rooted for them -- and they won! The stadium is in the middle of the State Fair of Texas and didn't serve booze (WHAT), so at half time everyone had to RUSH outside to the fairgrounds to

We also went to a killer before-and-after tailgate party from a local company called Hari Mari. Super stylish, these flip flops are also uber comfy and 1% of all proceeds go to kids with cancer.


We Run Big D Bootcamp

I was introduced to a fitness bootcamp in Dallas via Facebook (I love meeting people from social media!). We Run Big D is a network of awesome people that meet for FREE fitness in downtown Dallas every Wednesday morning at 6:15 am. Talk about BRIGHT & EARLY!!

I posted the other week that the group has taken me outside of my comfort zone big time...but I am so thankful to have met some new people to network with!

Lots of travel coming up through the rest of October into early November:

Beachbody Leadership Retreat in Cali

Nick Carter @ WalkerStalker

Krewe de Crew Retreat in Orlando, Florida


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