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Insanity Max30: Before and After Results

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So I must have been insane to start this 8 week program knowing that I was moving across the country and had multiple trips planned. But Insanity Max30 made the most sense to do given there is no equipment required and it's only half an hour a day.

Instead of using that as my excuse, I used it as my reason. My reason to have a schedule to follow when I'm "too busy" to exercise. My reason to drink a shake daily so it was one less meal to prep.

Insanity Max30 Before and After Photo

And 9 weeks later, here I am. I missed one week due to travel. I wasn't perfect with the moves. I had cocktails and treat meals and skipped a few workouts. But overall, I'm damn proud of myself.

I still can't do all of the moves. I still curse out Shaun when I'm hungover.

But I did it. I beat the post summer-fluff, while still enjoying myself. And I fully intend to continue following a set program, because I'd rather SURVIVE the holidays and maintain my weight than end the year heavier than I started.

Lipstick And Lunges - Insanity Max30 Before And After Photo

If you feel the same way, message me. I'd love to help you end the year on a high note instead of waiting for 2017 to hit those goals.

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