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The Healthy Holiday Survival Guide: A step-by-step plan to maintain and not gain this season

I know it’s not easy staying on track with your weight loss goals and fitness goals over the holiday season. There's no escaping the parties, Aunt Cindy's delicious casserole or some yummy drinks. I'm the last person to say you should deprive yourself during the holiday season is no exception. BUT I do think you should go in with a plan!

I want to help you find moderation and balance over the holidays using my Healthy Holiday Survival Guide.

Lipstick and Lunges - Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

Inside the Healthy Holiday Survival Guide you’ll find: - Daily motivation & Accountability - Holiday party tips - Holiday food nutrition information - Weekly grocery lists

- 100+ healthy recipes

In addition, you'll get:

- Initial Coaching Call with Lauren to get you set up for success!

- Weekly full-body workouts you can do at home, on the road, or at the gym.

- All access entry to a private online coaching and accountability group.

Whether its losing weight or maintaining I would love to coach you through your journey! If you are ready to develop a long-term, sustainable lifestyle - this challenge is for YOU! Healthy eating (with treats allowed), at home workouts and 24/7 accountability will get you SET for the holiday season.

The challenge begins on DECEMBER 2, all challengers must have their spots secured in the last week of November to start on time. Message me on Facebook or email me to secure your spot.

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