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Backstreet Bootcamp

If you know me, you know that I've been a BSB fan since I was 12 years old. YUP, I've been jamming out to the #1 selling boyband for over 19 years.

Thanks to the evolution of their career, the Backstreet Boys Fan Club now allows fans to get up close and personal with the boys...and even meet them! My teenage dreams came true when I found out I could pay to meet my idols. And that's when the obsession with VIP Meet & Greets began....

Backstreet Bootcamp - Vegas VIP

I am well aware of all the time, energy and money that goes into prepping for a VIP Meet & Greet with the boys. From hair, to makeup, to the PERFECT outfit -- a lot goes into the preparation for the most expensive photo that you've ever purchased.

Since I've become an Online Health Coach, I now have the opportunity to mesh my two passions together! I’ve lost 30 pounds through fitness and nutrition and I have ultimately found my calling in life – to help others like YOU find the balance in life. I’ve helped hundreds of women feel sexy in their own skin and feel the balance between being healthy and still having a social life.

It's been a dream of mine for years to create a fun community for fangirls to prep leading up to the BIG DAY. And now that the Las Vegas Residency is going down in 2017 --- may I present.....BACKSTREET BOOTCAMP.

I'm making it my mission to make thousands of fans like YOU to feel confident and sexy in your VIP pictures with the boys.

What you’ll get out of this 30 day Bootcamp:

Backstreet Bootcamp provides 4 weeks of food, fitness and fun! Fangirls will be granted access to a private community that will provide a step-by-step plan to follow leading up to your Vegas trip.

Nutrition is a massive part of your success -- and I've got you covered. You don't need to kill yourself with starvation diets or drastic changes to your nutrition overnight. Weekly grocery lists and 100+ healthy recipes will tell you EXACTLY what to eat so you'll feel slim and sexy while posing with the Boys in Sin City.

At-home workout routines will be available 24/7 to best fit your schedule. Stream 500+ workouts anytime, anywhere. Workouts range from beginner to advanced levels, and can be as short as 25 minutes a day.

The online accountability of this bootcamp is what will make sure you see RESULTS. As your Coach, we will pick the program that works best for you and goal set from the start. I'll check in on you and remind you WHY you started this journey (to look fab standing next to your favorite boy, DUH), and make sure you fully understand the program you are following. This fun online group will feature BSB inspired workout videos, fitness memes, weekly challenges, sweaty selfies, and daily motivation tips.

No more "I hope this works" fitness and nutrition. This EXACT plan will have you feeling uber-confident walking into Planet Hollywood as a VIP. You already spent a pretty penny on these let's make sure you look and feel great in them.

CLICK HERE to apply for Backstreet Bootcamp

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