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READ THIS before you do a 3-Day Refresh

So you've heard of the 3-Day Refresh. You've seen the before and after pictures online. But does the 3-Day Refresh work?

Make sure to read this post before you decide to complete it yourself.

I like to call this my "lose the vacation bloat" program. It's 3 days of fruits, veggies, superfoods and water. No starving yourself. No pills or wraps. Just detoxing from processed foods and getting back to basics. Get a clean break from bad nutrition habits; and feel immediately cleaner, lighter, and more healthy.

My honest honest review:

I've done this program 10+ times since it launched from Beachbody. And sometimes it's easy to complete, and sometimes it's hard as hell.

If you are coming off a big bender of drinking alcohol or fatty may be a struggle. You'll be hungry. You won't feel like chugging a lot of water. You'll dream of pizza.

But at the end of the day, I've always lost 4-5lbs and a TON of bloat when completing it. I love that it's not a liquid-only cleanse and it usually keeps me motivated to keep the healthy habits going afterwards. It's not one of those diets where you gain it all back once you start "eating" again.

Who is the 3-Day Refresh for?

Anyone looking to lose a few pounds quickly and/or to look and feel better in just 3 days can use the 3-Day Refresh. The program is for those who have "fallen off the wagon" with their nutrition and want to get back on; anyone wanting to kick start clean eating habits for the first time; or anyone just wanting to prepare for big event, milestone, or trip and look his or her best. The program is also for people seeking to undo the "damage" of a recent binge. Overall, this product is for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly, feel lighter, feel cleaner, improve digestion, feel healthier, curb cravings for junk food, or improve mental clarity.

Will participants eat while on the Refresh?

Yes. 3 shakes, 1 fiber drink, 6 healthy snacks, and 1 dinner recipe daily.

What is the estimated daily calorie intake while on the Refresh?

Approximately 900 calories per day. That may vary based on meal selection.

Can I work out on the Refresh?

Because this is a restricted-calorie eating program, we recommend that individuals who wish to exercise during the program limit their activity to mild or moderate levels. For individuals who are used to extreme exercise, we recommend stopping extreme exercise (or tapering down to mild/moderate levels) 2-3 days prior to beginning the program and easing back into higher levels of exertion over the 2-3 days post-Refresh.

How often can the Refresh be completed?

Within moderation, the program can be done monthly or more.

While on the Refresh, should prescribed medications be taken?

Yes. Please consult a physician for individual medical advice.

How much does the 3-Day Refresh cost?

The 3-Day Refresh kit is $69.95.

The 3-Day Refresh Challenge Pack (with 30 days of Shakeology) is $160.

How can I try the 3-Day Refresh?

You can order a kit here, or upgrade to get a 3-Day Refresh with 30 days of Shakeology here.

3-Day Refresh Sample Meal Plan

Day 1:

🔸 Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology with water and 1 cup cantaloupe

🔹 Mid Day: 1 packet Fiber Sweep

🔸 Snack: Tomatoes & 2 TBSP hummus

🔹 Lunch: Vanilla Refresh with water, 2/3 cup blueberries and 5 baby carrots with 2 TBSP hummus

🔸 Dinner: Vanilla Refresh with water, Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Day 2:

🔸 Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology with water and 1 cup strawberries

🔹 Mid Day: 1 packet Fiber Sweep

🔸 Snack: 5 baby carrots & 2 almond butter

🔹 Lunch: Vanilla Refresh with water, 2/3 cup blueberries and 5 baby carrots with 2 TBSP hummus

🔸 Dinner: Vanilla Refresh with water, Grilled Asparagus Spears

Day 3

🔸 Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology with water and 1/2 cup of sliced mango

🔹 Mid Day: 1 packet Fiber Sweep

🔸 Lunch: Vanilla Refresh blended with water & cinnamon, Cherry Tomatoes with 2 TBSP hummus and 2/3 cup Blueberries

🔹 Snack: Baby carrots & 2/3 TBSP hummus

🔸 Dinner: Vanilla Refresh blended with water and Veggie Stir Fry

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