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No Booze February: Week 3

It's been 21 days since I've had any alcohol. WOW, time has been flying. I'm not going to lie, once I passed the 2 week mark things became a whole lot easier. Check out my Week 2 and Week 1 recaps.

Lauren Beley - Lipstick And Lunges - No Alcohol Challenge

I've already talked about my increased activity levels on the weekends. I've been way more productive than I have been in most weekends in 2017. This weekend I attended the Cupid's Undie Run in Dallas, and it was a lot more fun than I expected!

You may have heard of this "fun run" from social media. You dress up in your undies (or Valentine's Day themed athletic gear) and "run" a 1 mile race for charity. There is a party before and after the let's just say they aren't really tracking your time for the mile!

My friend hosted a champagne pre-game party at her home before the race. I stopped by mid-way through it started, knowing that I didn't need to be in front of booze for too long. The weather was gorgeous out and we all headed out to the pre-race party at the bar. It was easy to drink a "mocktail" of club soda and lime. Luckily my friend Jimmy attended the race too, and he isn't drinking for the month along with me.

It was entertaining to see the behavior of the women and men at the bar throughout the day. The sun, drinks and shots were flowing. I'm confident that I wasn't sticking out as a non-drinker. After the "run" I stayed at the bar for a little while longer, but by 4 hours total had hit my "max." The old Lauren would have taken that Saturday to drink all day, eat take out and wake up Sunday with regret. All in all I had a great time, and it validated that you don't have to be drinking in beautiful weather to have fun.

I will say, that a lot of my friends and challengers have said "I couldn't be as strong as you to give up alcohol for a whole month."

What I think it comes down to is short term satisfaction (of having a drink) vs. long term results (of giving up alcohol).

For me, I am an "all or nothing" alcohol person. I don't have just one drink with dinner each night. To me, that's a waste of calories. When I drink I like to get a buzz.

I have not been 100% comfortable with how I've been fitting into my clothes right now. I'm going on a big trip to Punta Cana in April, and I'll be surrounded by thousands of other fitness professionals. I want to feel great in my new bikini, for ME. I know that alcohol is my downfall. I know that my guard is down with my nutrition when I drink (and the days after).

So, is giving up a few weekends of drinks worth feeling better in a bikini for me?


On to Week 4!

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