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Ashley lost 11lbs and 18.5 inches in 21 days

I can't contain my excitement of how PROUD I am of my friend and fellow Coach, Ashley C. Will you LOOK at these results?!

Lipstick And Lunges - Ultimate Reset Results - Ultimate Reset Customer Review

A bride to be (in less than a month), Ashley was overwhelmed with the stress of planning a wedding, working full-time as a Teacher and running her Coaching business. "One day, I looked in that mirror and saw that woman staring back at me. It was the most scared I've been in a long time," she says.

Ashley and I had chatted about the Ultimate Reset multiple times, and I know that she was apprehensive to complete the program.

It's a 21 Day detox that focuses solely on FOOD and "resetting" your insides. You receive a step-by-step meal plan, with a full shopping list, along with natural supplements to detox your body over the course of 3 weeks.

This means eliminating processed foods, no alcohol, no exercising, and lots of hydration. It's not for the faint of heart. I've completed the program twice, and understand what a time commitment and mental commitment it is to complete. That's why I am SO PROUD of Ashley for completing it, let alone a month before her wedding.

In her own words: "I focused on my nutrition, I spent extra time with my guys, and put my future family first. At the craziest time in my life, the structure of this program saved my life. I was heading back to a bad space where I was pre-diabetic and post giving a shit about life. Over the past three weeks, I've lost 11.3lbs and 18.5 inches, but what I've gained is the most important. I've gained control back over my life and my relationship with food (and coffee and wine). I've gained an understanding about how different foods affect my energy, my motivation, and how they make my body feel. Today, I post this as bride to be who wants to live as many years as possible with her husband and as a woman dedicated to her creating a proper "nursery" for a baby. The greatest thing I could ever do for my family is take care of MYSELF. ❤"

Are you interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset? Send me an email and we can discuss the program further.

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