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My 60 plan to toned legs and a tighter booty

With summer around the corner (and nearly here in Dallas) I'm excited to work on my bikini body, and more specific my bikini BOOTY.

I've always had thicker thighs, wide hips and a butt (not necessarily that's been that toned). I'm the type of gal that gets a small bikini top and an L or XL bottom. I've learned to love my bottom half, but I think that there is definitely room for improvement.

Over the next 60 Days I'll be tackling The Masters Hammer & Chisel, a 60 day program from Beachbody Super Trainers Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev. I completed this program once about a year ago, but to be honest I started to dwindle off as my vacation was approaching. I'm excited to tackle this program again, full force.

Operation Bikini Booty - Lipstick And Lunges

I have a love/hate relationship with leg day. Since it's the part of my body I want to change the most, I know I'm going to have to suck it up and power through the next 2 months of workouts.

Here's a preview of the workout program:

I'm glad I have a gym at my apartment in Dallas to help out with the equipment that is needed for Hammer & Chisel. You need a bench and/or stability ball, and a variety of weights.

I'll be following the nutrition plan as well, which features the 21 Day Fix portion control containers. This will help me keep tabs on my protein, veggies, carbs, and fruit each day. Shakeology will be my staple breakfast post workout, and of course I'll be drinking my Energize before every workout.

Here are some of the results that my fellow Team Beachbody Coaches have gotten from following this 60 day program.

Are you looking to get in shape before Summer? I'd love to have you join me doing The Masters Hammer & Chisel, or another Beachbody program.

Feel free to shoot me an email and we can find the right program for you!

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