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Week 3 Roundup: Bikini Booty Challenge (progress pics inside)

What real changes can happen in 21 days of work outs and healthier eating? A butt that now passes The Pencil Test, for starters.

I am so excited that after 3 weeks of The Master's Hammer & Chisel, portion controlled eating and Shakeology, my butt is starting to lift (and I'm losing inches from my body overall).

The WHAT test?! I was first introduced to The Pencil Test from the at-home workout program, Brazil Butt Lift. It's a test to see how firm your behind is, and basically...if it sags to hold a pencil (or pen) just standing there.

Check out my 3 week progress. All of those squats, lunges and jumps are paying off. My booty feels firmer and tighter for sure; it's nice to see that my body is changing and losing inches as well. I can't wait to see what will happen after the FULL 8 weeks of the program.

This picture shows what can change in just 21 days of workouts. It's in no way a quick fix, but the consistency is already starting to pay off.

Week 3 workouts:

  • Total Body Hammer

  • Chisel Agility

  • Max Hammer Strength

  • Total Body Chisel

  • Hammer Plyometrics

  • Iso Strength Chisel

Nutrition wise, I did a pretty good job of sticking to my meals throughout the week. I had a few happy hours that snuck in, but I still made sure to do my workouts every day.

Lipstick and Lunges - Lauren Beley

The holiday weekend threw me for a loop; I traveled to San Antonio on Saturday and was in the car most of the day. As a result I didn't drink nearly enough water as I should have. I picked at the healthiest options at a convention center that I could find, and had an indulgent dinner. I considered that my total "treat day" of the weekend.

Monday was a pool day and meal out at a local bar, with some cocktails. Not a total binge day - but the biggest WIN is that I feel good in my bikini. My goal for this program (and this warm season here in Dallas) is to feel good the ENTIRE summer. In the past I've felt great at Memorial Day and by the 4th of July I've done too many happy hours and nights out, and I have no definition left in my core and my jean shorts are too tight.

But not this time around!

Heading into Week 4 and I'm making a basic meal plan for the week (prepped it on Tuesday night):


Chicken Breasts

Organic Eggs

0% Greek Yogurt




Riced Cauilfower



Brussels sprouts

Green Beans

Red Peppers










Sweet Potatoes




Lite Shredded Cheese

If you'd like some help in getting healthy this summer, shoot me an email and we can find the program that would work best for you.

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