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Summer Survival Guide: Cocktails & Crunches

Patio happy hours, summer vacations, weekend bar crawls....when the summer months hit there is a ton of temptation to fall off your health & fitness routine.

Whether it's for an upcoming vacation or feeling slim on sunny summer weekends, I'd love for you to join the Summer Survival Guide. For 30 days we will be focusing on healthy, sustainable changes to melt away the winter pounds just in time for summer.

Lipstick And Lunges - Summer Survival Guide - How to lose weight during the summer

This group is for any woman that needs a set plan to follow during Summer, and that wants to feel good without sacrificing FUN in the warmer months. I will tell you what to eat, what workouts to do, and give you a support system to make sure you follow through with it and see the results you want.

As warmer weather approaches, you'll feel comfortable in tank tops, shorts, sun dresses, and that new bathing suit.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or tone up - I would love to coach you through your journey!

If you are ready to develop a long-term, sustainable lifestyle - this challenge is for YOU! Healthy eating (with treats allowed) and 24/7 accountability will get you SET for the start of SUMMER!

This 30 day program includes:

  • Initial Coaching Call with Lauren to get you set up for success

  • 4 Week Meal Plan (including approved foods, grocery lists and daily meal plans)

  • At-home workout program (which range from beginner to advanced)

  • All access entry to a private online coaching and accountability group

  • Weekly check in's with Lauren to ensure you are following through with the program

What do you have to do?

You will COMMIT to learning and applying the basic principles of clean eating, drink a superfood meal replacement each day that tastes like a milkshake – aka SHAKEOLOGY, and hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE by checking into the group at least once a day.

It won’t always be easy – but, I promise, it will be worth it.

Commit to this 30 Day Program and get ready to transform your health, better your body, and change your mindset. You bring your goals, and I will bring you the lifestyle change you have been yearning for.

You will invest in a Challenge Pack (fitness program + Shakeology) from my website. We will chat 1:1 to determine which fitness program will be best for you to get started with before we put your order in.

The challenge begins on June 12, all challengers must have their spots secured by June 9 to start on time. Message me on Facebook or email me to secure your spot.

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