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Friday Faves: Spices, Workout Moves & More

Happy Friday! It's my second week of blogging my Friday Faves (click here for Week 1). I get a lot of questions in my inbox weekly about my favorite products, so I'll be blogging about them each week on Fridays!

Lipstick And Lunges - Friday Faves

Fave Recipe: Garlic Basil Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles

I've been working to add more seafood into my nutrition plan this week. Zoodles are an easy go-to for me (usually with ground turkey) but I found this shrimp and garlic basil recipe and it's been delicious and guilt free. Get the recipe.

Fave Spice: Trader Joe's Chili Lime

I picked up this spice when roaming Trader Joe's the other week. I used it to top off my Chicken Salad recipe. I've been adding it to my scrambled eggs, too!

Fave Workout Move: Spiderman move from Master's Hammer & Chisel

This may seem weird...who actually ENJOYS working out?! Haha. I did Power Chisel today and there was a move I thought would be impossible, but I was actually able to do it.

It's called a Spiderman move and next time around, I'll take a video of me doing it. But the basic idea is to be in a plank, move your one hand forward and crunch the opposite leg up. Your core will be on FIRE afterwards (thanks, Spidey).

Fave Bodysuit: Target

I absolutely LOVE wearing body suits. If you are new to the trend, it's a fitted "onesie" that you can wear shorts or jeans over. I love how fitted these shirts are and instantly make me feel slimmer.

I found this peach bodysuit at Target for only $12.99. Check it out here.

Lipstick And Lunges - Friday Faves

Fave Song: Rita Ora - Your Song

I love me some Rita Ora (especially since she just signed on to the new ABC Show, Boyband). She wrote this one with Ed Sheeran, another favorite of mine.

Have a specific question for me that you'd like covered in my next Friday Faves? Shoot me an email.

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