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Week 5 Roundup: Bikini Booty Challenge

I was speaking to a woman last week about a Beachbody workout program and she said "I usually quit during month 2."

And it made me realize HOW MANY people start a fitness program and quit before finishing it. Before I had plugged into an online community, I was one of them! I'm pretty sure I heard a stat that 70% of people that start a program I'm really proud that I'm not part of that statistic this time around.

So I want to take a quick minute to 1. celebrate the fact that I've made it 5 full weeks without missing a workout and 2. THANK my Ladies in my Challenge Group for keeping me accountable to stick with it this long.

Lipstick and Lunges - Masters Hammer & Chisel workout review

Week 5 and I'm into a good groove. I've gotten my weekends figured out (Saturdays are days off, usually for some fun type of dance cardio_ and Sunday / Monday is meal prep for the week.

Yes, there have been some happy hours and events.

Yes, I've been drinking on the weekends.

But despite that, I'm still FEELING the results, including inches lost and my muscles starting to pop. I'm really excited to see what will happen by Day 60.

Week 5 Workouts:

  • Total Body Chisel

  • Hammer Power

  • Chisel Balance

  • ISO Speed Hammer

  • Power Chisel

  • Total Body Hammer

Week 6 (which I'm currently in the middle of) will be a bit different because I'm working in Shaun Week, a new program from Shaun T that focuses mainly on cardio. Next week I'll detail what my schedule ended up being.

Need help getting into a routine with your health & fitness. Shoot me an email and we can chat about a program that will work for you.

Lipstick And Lunges - Diet meal plans

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