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Shaun Week Workout is now a 30 Day program

Why have 7 days with Shaun T when you can have 30?!

I'm so excited to announce that Shaun Week has been extended into a 30 day program. You'll have 4 weeks of cardio, weights and yoga to get AMAZING results this summer.

Shaun Week has been released one workout a day since Monday, June 12. It's a brand new program exclusively found on Beachbody On Demand and I've been reviewing each workout as they have been released. It's a mix of Insanity, T25 and some totally NEW moves -- and I've been loving every day of it.

If Insanity, and Shaun T scares you....don't worry though! What I love about this workout thus far is that there has been a modifier for every single move, which makes this a program that anyone can do.

Here are the 7 new workouts from Shaun Week:

  • Day 1: Insane Basics

  • Day 2: Pure Cardio 2

  • Day 3: Insane Weights

  • Day 4: 25 Minute Abs

  • Day 5: Ripsanity

  • Day 6: Speed 4.0

  • Day 7: Dig Deep

Shaun T announced this week that there is a full 30 day calendar that you can follow after all of the Shaun Week videos are released. He said, "Did you really think I was gonna let you get away with 1 week of#ShaunWeek? Here is the hybrid calendar that will help you stay focused, get enough recovery and ultimately get the results you want! You've laid the foundation for your transformation, now it's time to build!"

Here is the 30 Day Shaun Week Calendar:

Lipstick And Lunges - Shaun Week 30 Day Calendar

I love that this 30 day hybrid will throw in some yoga, and classic workouts from T25 and Insanity Max30. I tend to enjoy programs that aren't the same thing every week, and this is a totally varied 4 weeks of workouts.

Don't have a Coach?

Not a problem! I would love to be your Coach. Just send me an email and we can get started with, Shaun Week and the rest of my customers who are crushing it along side of me!

Lipstick And Lunges - Shaun Week 30 Day Calendar

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