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Daily Sunshine: New Healthy Snack for Kids

Wouldn't it be awesome if we all naturally craved fruits and vegetables? In real life, though, eating healthy is hard. If it doesn't taste good, kids won't eat it. And if it's not healthy, you don't want them to have it.

That's why Beachbody created Daily Sunshine, the whole-food-based 3-in-1 smoothie formulated for kids’ nutritional needs. Now you and your kids have a quick, healthy alternative to junk-food snacks—that also tastes delicious.

Available in smooth and creamy Chocolate flavor and fruity and sweet Strawberry Banana flavor.

Get Daily Sunshine.

Daily Sunshine is certified organic as it is made with organic fruits and vegetables, and organic pea protein as certified by QAI. It's also Non-GMO - made with organic fruits, vegetables and pea protein as certified by QAI.

3-IN-1 SMOOTHIE Daily Sunshine is made with organic fruits and vegetables, organic pea protein, and healthy fats. It delivers the equivalent of a full serving of fruits and vegetables† in each smoothie. Just add water, shake, and drink!

NUTRITIONIST DEVELOPED Daily Sunshine is carefully formulated with the building blocks of nutrition kids need to help them grow up healthy and strong.

PEDIATRICIAN-APPROVED FORMULA 4 out of 5 pediatricians approve the Daily Sunshine formula. So you can be confident you're giving your family great nutrition every day.

KID-APPROVED TASTE How can a "real-food" formula taste so great? We put both flavors through rigorous taste tests to ensure they satisfy the world's toughest critics—kids!

Daily Sunshine Chocolate Nutrition Information Daily Sunshine Strawberry Banana Nutrition Information

Is Daily Sunshine safe for pregnant/nursing women?

Daily Sunshine was not specifically formulated for pregnant or breastfeeding women. So as with any other food or supplement, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should always first consult with their physician to address their specific needs, especially since each pregnancy is unique for the mother and developing baby.

What is the minimum age recommended for Daily Sunshine?

4 years of age and up.

Lipstick and Lunges - Daily Sunshine - Healthy Kid Snacks

Try a Daily Sunshine Sampler Pack.

Have a question about Daily Sunshine? Shoot me an email.

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