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Summit 2017: We took NOLA by storm

I'm headed home after an EPIC trip to New Orleans for our annual work conference. As a health & fitness coach for Beachbody, my Team attends SUMMIT every year. This is my 4th time attending and was the best one that I have attended yet!

Lipstick And Lunges - Lauren Beley

I'm the leader of Team Lipstick & Lunges, and we are 600+ women strong across the Unites States and Canada. As Coaches, our Team helps women live healthy and fulfilling lives. This includes everything from running clean eating bootcamps online, to mentoring others to learn how to start a successful online business to help others. I absolutely love what I do and all of the inspiring women that I work with.

Over 20,000 coaches gathered in New Orleans this July to celebrate a successful year and learn more about the exciting new products that will be debuting in 2017. We have the chance to workout with celebrity trainers (like Shaun T, Tony Horton and Autumn Calabrese, to name a few) - learn about new product launches, and learn from top performers in the company.

I'm especially PROUD this year, because it's the largest turnout for our Team yet. Not only did the Coaches that I have sponsored attend, but their Teams attended Summit as well! I absolutely love having so many of us in one place at one time (since we live in all different places around the US).

Our Team was invited to a Leadership Training and Leadership Ladder Party - which was a complete honor! Only a few hundred Teams qualified for these events (out of the 20K coaches in attendance) and I was honored to represent Team Lipstick & Lunges at the event.

Who is the event for?

Summit is an annual conference for Beachbody Coaches. Coaches of any rank can attend to network, learn and have fun! This year it was held in New Orleans, and in 2018 it will be held in Indianapolis.

What do you do at Summit?

Coaches can expect a jam-packed schedule of education, inspiration and fun. The 3 day event includes news about new product launches, success stories from Coaches, awards, live workouts with celebrity trainers and more.

Do you get to workout?

YES (but it's not required). One of my favorite parts about Summit is the chance to exercise with your favorite celebrity trainers from the programs - IN PERSON! This year I got to workout with Shaun T live on Friday, and then attended a SUPER WORKOUT in the streets of New Orleans with all trainers.

How can I become a Coach?

You don't need a background in fitness or nutrition to become a Coach on my Team! You just need to love helping others and want to better yourself.

Want to learn more about Team Lipstick & Lunges?

Join us on Thursday night LIVE on Facebook to learn more about our Team and what we are all about.

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