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Operation Bikini Booty: Final Results

Baby got BACK 🍑 In May I declared I wanted to work on my booty, and this summer I did just that. I completed 8 weeks of The Master's Hammer & Chisel and started to build the butt I've always wanted! I'm proud to announce I completed the program on July 30, 2017, for the second time.

Below are two pictures of my results!

Lipstick And Lunges - Lauren Beley - Hammer and Chisel results

This program focuses on weights and basically makes it leg day every day! So many of the moves were rough - but got easier over time. I loved the chance to work with both Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev in this program. Two totally different personalities, but both kicked your butt each day!

I decided to take these workouts to my apartment gym over those 8 weeks, mainly because it would give me more room and heavier weights to work with. I was getting up to 25 pounds on some of the moves, and it was nice that I didn't have to invest in new weights for this program. AKA, this is a perfect workout to stream at your gym with Beachbody On Demand. My upper body got more TONED than I've had in a while, so I'm super proud of the progress I made with my upper body. Hello tank top arms!

Nutrition: If I'm being honest, I did not follow the plan 100%. I regularly follow the Portion Fix containers, and drink my Shakeology every day.


Dumbbells, workout bench OR stability ball, chin-up bar OR resistance band with door attachment (not included in base kit).


Yoga Mat or Beachbody Core Comfort Mat are helpful but not required.

Lipstick And Lunges - Lauren Beley - Hammer & Chisel results


Chisel Balance

A total-body workout creating stabilization, muscular endurance, and core strength.

Iso Strength Chisel

An intense resistance workout using isometric holds and flexibility to increase strength.

Chisel Endurance

Increase muscular endurance and strength in this time-under-tension workout.

Chisel Cardio

The cardiovascular resistance routine will increase heart rate, circulation, and burn an intense amount of calories.

Chisel Agility

A challenging cardio workout that will help you move quickly, improve coordination, and create greater stabilization.

Total Body Chisel

This full-body resistance workout focuses on creating lean muscle and strength.

Hammer Plyometrics

This jump training workout will use your entire body to create force, speed, and power.

Iso Speed Hammer

A tempo training workout that uses speed and isometric holds to create strength and grow muscle.

Total Body Hammer

A hypertrophy workout focused on pyramid-style sets to maximize strength and muscle growth.

Max Hammer Strength

Start with a pre-fatigued muscle, finish with a maximum lift. Increase strength, power, and muscular development.

Hammer Power

This intense powerlifting-inspired workout will increase speed, reactive strength, and power.

Hammer Conditioning

A workout based on compound movements that will improve stability, coordination, and strength.

10 Min Ab Chisel

This core-crusher will transform your midsection, without ever getting on the floor.

10 Min Ab Hammer

Carve definition into your core while strengthening your entire ab complex. If you want more info about this program, feel free to shoot me a message.

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