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80 Day Obsession: Week 3 Results

Bouncing back after a setback is a total mind game.

After a disastrous ending to Week 2 of my 80 Day Obsession Test Group, I was determined to change my actions and my mindset. With that made sure I was feeding positivity into my head daily, healthy food in my kitchen and NO DISTRACTIONS.

Lipstick And Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - Before and After Results

I'm happy to report that Week 3 was an amazing bounce back. I stuck to my meal plan 99% of the time, and got every single workout in! This may not seem like a huge deal to you....but it is to me.

I am a stress eater. And whenever I go through a break up or stress in life...I eat. I eat a LOT of bad food, for the most part. So after an incident last weekend with a man treating me like complete shit, my usual gut reaction would be to reach for a bottle of vodka, a bag of Doritos and sit on my couch and Netflix and Binge all weekend. Trust me, during Weekend 2 I had my fair share of "get over him" drinks and treats. But I made sure to SNAP OUT OF IT by Monday to get back on track.

Lipstick And Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - Before and After Results

And I did, and I'm so glad that I did.

My nutrition stayed pretty close to Weeks 1 and 2, honestly because I'm not ready to overhaul what I'm used to yet.

For proteins I tend to stick to chicken, eggs, lean turkey meat, yogurt and Shakeology, and sometimes throw in some fish maybe 2x a week.

Carbs have been whole grain bread, quinoa and sweet potatoes.

Fruits have been whatever is cheapest at Trader Joe's, since I need 3 servings a day and FLY through fruit. And veggies have been a mix of broccoli, peppers, onions, sugar snap peas, and zucchini.

Healthy fats have been avocado, cashews or cheese.

The food hasn't been sexy, it's been functional. When you are eating 5x a day it can get tiring to prep, cook and clean every meal. So sometimes I put together a nice meal, and sometimes I throw together food. It depends on my mood and what else I have going on. I think this would be different if I wasn't single and living alone; at least I don't have a family to prep for on top of it! Ha.

The hardest part of Week 3 was the weekend. Weekends are usually times that I LOVE TO EAT OUT. I love brunch, dinners out, grabbing lunch while doing errands, etc. Basically, any reason to not have to cook. But I knew that going into this weekend I needed to avoid temptation the best I could. And I did a really good job, if you ask me!

Lipstick and Lunges - 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan

I had dinner out on Friday evening with a friend, but stuck to a Chicken Salad with fresh veggies and avocado. Drank water and no temptations from alcohol! On Saturday evening I was invited out for dinner with a few girlfriends, but politely declined and instead my own dinner and met them out to socialize afterwards.

It's not easy to say no to the foods you are used to having, so that's why I'm trying to prep as much of my own food as possible. I know that in the end it will help me make smarter decisions (and ultimately save me money too).

So from Day 1 to Day 22, here is where I stand:

- 8 pounds lost

- 5 inches lost from my body

My bathing suit bottoms are fitting better on my hips and midsection that I can move them up and not have a “muffin top” overflow. Im going to wait to take the booty progress pic after Month 1 (can’t wait to see that progress).

Lipstick And Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - Before and After Results

Here we go WEEK 4 and getting 1 month under my belt!

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