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80 Day Obsession Review: Phase 1 Results

It's been 4 weeks that I have been a part of the 80 Day Obsession Test Group. And I'm excited to say that I have officially completed Phase 1 of this program!

Lipstick And Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - Before and After Results

Here are my results from Phase 1:

  • Lost 8 lbs

  • Lost 5 inches (including 1 inch from each thigh)

  • Gained .25 inches on each arm

Lipstick And Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - Before and After Pictures

80 Day Obsession is a 3 month program that is being developed by Autumn Calabrese. Beachbody asked me to be a part of the Test Group, so I can test the program and provide feedback to Autumn and the Production Team.

This program focuses on 6 days of exercise and "timed nutrition." The meal plan specifically states that foods to eat, how often to eat and what types of foods to eat when. I'm also incorporating the Beachbody Performance Line into my meal plan to help with muscle repair and healthy sleep patterns.

Lipstick And Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - Before and After Results

Timed Nutrition

Nutrition and cooking at home has played a huge part into my success in this program so far. I have been cooking my meals 85% of the time, and using my Portion Fix containers for portion control. The first month I was eating in the Plan B (1500-1799) which took some time to get adjusted to. I've always been conscious of what I'm eating but this has made SURE I'm getting in all the veggies and (healthy) carbs throughout the day.

I’m bumped up to eating Plan C (1800-2099) for Phase 2. I’m apprehensive about eating more but know to trust the process - so taking the time today to truly PLAN my meals and start meal prep this evening. But I am going to trust Autumn and trust the process!

80 Day Obsession Test Group Results - 80 Day Obsession before and after

Work It Out

The workouts are completely different during the 80 days. There is a set type of workout for each day (ie Butt, Cardio, Leg Day) but each week the number of reps and exercise patterns change. I LOVE that it's different each week, because variety is the spice of life!

Sleep Is Essential

Autumn has prescribed at least 8 hours of sleep a night on this program (YESSSSS). I'll admit that I haven't done a great job of following this rule so far on weeknights.

I will focus on the full 8 hours of sleep in Month 2. I’m going to enforce a bedtime on weeknights (I’m a night owl) and go from there.

Social Life

So I will say that my social life has been a bit different since I started this program. Alcohol is prohibited from the meal plan, so that automatically changed how my Friday and Saturday nights have been. I traded in my vodka waters for club soda with lime (a mocktail, as I like to call it).

I don't want to sit inside every weekend just because I'm not drinking. That includes dating, as well. This past weekend I went on a date sober - here's a quick video about how I've been handling dating while not drinking.

Lipstick And Lunges - Sober Dating

Autumn Is Watching

By far the COOLEST part of being a part of this Test Group is the access we have to Autumn Calabrese, the creator of 80 Day Obsession. We are in a private Facebook group with her and she checks in often and answers our questions.

We've had two video conference calls with her and she has walked us through the program, frequently asked questions and what is to come. On Saturday she congratulated us for completing Phase 1 and let us know what is to come with Phase 2. It's been wonderful to get to know her better and have her answer questions to our Test Group.

I'm excited to bring on PHASE 2. Here we go!

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