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80 Day Obsession: Week 7 Results

80 Day Obsession Test Group Results - 80 Day Obsession Timed Nutrition

It's the third week in Month 2 of 80 Day Obsession. I'm happy to report that I'm down nearly 11 pounds and feeling STRONGER than ever.

Below is the progress from Day 0 to the end of Week 7 while following the 80 Day Obsession nutrition and workout plan.

80 Day Obsession .- Before and After pictures - Results

Ooooooh, we're HALF WAY THERE !! We hit the Day 41 mark - which means that we are 50% through the workouts for this program.

Nutrition is becoming so much EASIER for me - and honestly that's what I was most apprehensive about. I always loved the freedom of eating all my containers throughout the day but now like having structure in what types of foods to eat pre and post workout. Loving how my clothes are fitting better (I've lost about 11lbs and 7 inches) and that my middle is slimming and my back is getting stronger. I feel CONFIDENT in my clothes and honestly I feel better at 32 than I did at 22.

Week 8 will focus on FOOD and having more exciting meals in my life to keep my interest going to stick with it. More to come next week!

Lipstick And Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - 80 Day Obsession before and after

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