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80 Day Obsession: Week 11 Results

80 Day Obsession Test Group Results - 80 Day Obsessed Timed Nutrition

It's been a few weeks since I blogged about 80 Day Obsession. Phase 3 is flying by and I only have 2 more weeks of this program left. WOW.

Phase 3 has been challenging both physically and mentally. I've only ever completed a 90 day program with Beachbody one other time before, and it's usually by the end of Month 2 that I start to get restless and antsy. And it's started to get this way for me in Phase 3, if I can be 100% honest.

The workouts in this program are AMAZING. The most challenging I have ever completed in my life, and I am loving them. Sometimes I love to hate them, but each day and week is keeping me guessing.

Nutrition has always been my weakness. While I can follow a plan on weekdays, the weekends were usually when I would go out to eat and enjoy a cocktail. So changing up my social life the past 2.5 months has MENTALLY been hard for me. It's harder to date. Harder to eat out (more temptations of food that aren't approved from my meal plan). The last few weekends I've opted to stay in on the weekends, but then I'm bored. So finding the balance has been a bit tough.

Knowing there is two weeks left has helped with a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of nutrition.

Yes, 80 Day Obsession is a "butt and abs" program. But being a part of this Test Group has defined my arms and upper body more than I could ever imagine. I now LOVE that it's still warm in Dallas for me to wear tanks and off the shoulder tops still.

Excited to enter into Week 12!

Are you interested in learning more about this program when it launches? Shoot me an email.

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