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Eat This Dinner Before a Night of Drinking

Lipstick And Lunges - What to eat before drinking alcohol

Meeting friends for drinks later? You're gonna want to listen up. If you are like me, a night out drinking can go one of two ways: you have a wonderful, blissful buzz or you don't eat enough prior, get super drunk and feel like death the next day. And a lot of that is based on what you eat before you go out drinking.

Eating a big greasy burger and fries and washing it down with a Diet Coke isn’t exactly the best way to prep for a night out with cocktails, because you can feel full and bloated. There are some foods, though, that can help you stay on your feet longer and keep that hangover from attacking the day after.

I trolled the Internet, and added in my personal experience, of what exactly you should eat to stay hydrated, happy and feeling sexy for your night out.

Don't skip a meal before your night out

I know, it can be SO tempting to hit happy hour or the bar sans eating, because you'll be a cheap date when the booze hits your lips. But 99% of the time that I've followed that rule, I get a lot more intoxicated than I should and get sick or have a 48 hour hangover after. So please, promise me you'll eat before you booze.

What to eat: Lean Protein + Low-Glycemic Carbs

I've figured out the perfect dinner before a night out: Lean Protein + Carbs that don't make you too full that you feel like you are budging out of your outfit. You want a "real" meal so that you have a good base before you start boozing it up.

Lean protein help keep your body sugar steady so you’ll have less spikes and crashes throughout a night out. Fill your stomach will lean protein as a base 2-3 hours before you start boozing it up. My go-to proteins that keep me full, yet lean are chicken, salmon or eggs.

Chicken recipes:

Hearty Chicken, Sweet Potato & Apples

Sweet Potato Skins w/Chicken and Spinach

Grilled Chicken Dijon

Salmon recipes:

Grilled Salmon with Orange Marmalade

Spinach Salmon Patties

Hawaiian Salmon

Egg recipes:

Avocado Egg Salad Toast

Egg White Breakfast Burrito

Egg Scramble w/Goat Cheese & Tomato

Carbs to consider:

Sweet Potatoes (or Spicy Sweet Potato Fries)


Whole Wheat Toast

Bonus: Add on some healthy fats like Hummus or Avocado.

Hummus can help boost all of your B vitamins, which is a big help to ward off the dreaded hangover since alcohol kills all of them. The amino acids in hummus are also considered helpful in preventing a hangover.

If you don't want to feel Bloated AF....

There's nothing worse than feeling full and uncomfortable in your clothes before you are going out for the night.

1. Stick to the meal guidelines above.

2. Avoid sugary mixers and too many carbonated drinks.

Stay hydrated!

This sounds stupidly obvious, but one of the reasons the first glass of wine goes down SO well is because we're often dehydrated before we even get to the bar. Before you start on the booze, have a large glass of water with lemon (our livers love lemon!).

Make Good Choices when you Booze it up

Not all alcohol is created equal!

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