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80 Day Obsession Results: Before and After Results & Review


Three months of dedication, 80 days of workouts and a timed nutrition plan.

I've officially completed 80 Day Obsession and I'm so excited to share my results.

I feel vibrant. I feel STRONG. I’m in better shape at 32 than I was at 22! My core thinned out, upper body is stronger, legs are more toned, and booty is firmer! I’ve been able to sleep better than I have in a long time. Mentally, I’ve found a lot of clarity in having a consistent routine to follow along with.

I lost 13 pounds and 13 inches from my body over the last 13 weeks.

Lipstick and Lunges - 80 Day Obsession - Before and After

I followed the 80 Day Obsession meal plan, drank Shakeology once a day and used the Beachbody Performance Line (Energize, Hydrate and Recover).

My upper body is stronger, my back muscles are popping, my core is more defined, and I lost multiple inches from each of my thighs. When I look at my before and after pictures, it looks like my midsection shrunk! I’ve always been curvy and carried extra weight around my hips and thighs, and 80 Day Obsession helped me tone up those trouble spots.

I loved the variety of workouts with 80 Day Obsession, and I was never bored! This program allows you to get comfortable with the workouts, but not too comfortable… The variety of the reps and format of the workouts never had me bored.

80 Day Obsession Results - Lipstick And Lunges

Join MY 80 Day Obsession Test Group

Are you getting excited about the program release in January?! (New Year's Resolutions, anybody?) If you'd like to join me and a bunch of others that will be trying the program for the first time, fill out the form below!

I'll be there every single day with tips, recipes and more!

This group is open to EVERYONE in the US, UK, and Canada that is not already working with a Beachbody Coach. EMAIL ME to secure your spot in my Test Group.

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