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Love Without The Chub: Losing Weight In A Relationship

Dating on a "diet" can be a real CHALLENGE. Workout schedules are compromised. There's more eating out and drink dates. Just a lot more temptations overall.

And now that I'm in a relationship (with a wonderful man named Jordan), I'm struggling to find the balance of having fun with my boyfriend and living a healthy lifestyle.

This is us on the first night we met on Halloween weekend; Chewbacca and the Baywatch Babe hit it off ;) We met in a bar in Uptown Dallas the weekend after I finished being a part of a grueling 3-month fitness program called 80 Day Obsession. For 13 weeks I gave up alcohol, bad foods and turned my time to meal prep and workouts with weights.

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Needless to say I was excited to enjoy a night out with cocktails and costumes, and had the pleasure of meeting this tall glass of water.

Lipstick and Lunges - Love without the chub - Losing weight in a relationship

Our relationship started off as most do; dinner dates out with cocktails, conversation and a ton of amazing food! Jordan did an amazing job of wine-and-dining me for weeks as we got to know one another.

The past couple months have been bliss spending time together. But I will admit that I feel like I've gone from one extreme to another when it comes to my health and fitness. Jordan and I have definitely comfortable rhythm of moving less and lying around more.

It's been a mental game for me. While I absolutely loved the way my body responded to the meal plan and work outs from 80 Day Obsession, my social life suffered a lot during those 3 months. I spent most weekends in, and tried to avoid the temptation of non-approved foods when eating out.

I feel like I went from one extreme to another. I was hyper focused on everything I was eating, then met this amazing man who wants to spoil me and take me out to dinners, and I abandoned my routine. I know that we are our own worst critics at times, but being in the health and fitness industry has made me even more focused on how I need to get back into a good routine.

Jordan has in no way said that he thinks I need to lose weight or that he's seen a change in my body. He is concerned that I just want to "get skinny." In actuality I don't keep track of my weight (I had to for 80 Day Obsession, but I bought a scale for that Test Group). I've noticed that my clothes fit tighter, and I've been less consistent with my workouts. So I'm more focused on getting back into a good weekly routine, with fun treat date nights scheduled on the weekends.

Jordan and I both agreed that we want to work to get into a healthier routine in 2018! We are documenting our journey weekly as "Love Without the Chub" and sharing our experiences.

Your relationship does not have to equal extra pounds. I am excited to get back into a routine and work together as a couple.There are hundreds of ways to do this. Below are my favorite five.

1. Scheduling gym dates.

2. Cook dinner for your boyfriend.

3. Don't try to keep up with your man.

4. Add each other on FitBit or another activity tracker.

5. Agree on certain healthy foods.

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