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Operation Backstreet Bikini Bod: Week 2 - Getting back on track after vacation

It’s the second week of my Operation Backstreet Bikini Bod blog series….and I’m not going to lie, I went backwards this past week. In my defense….I was on vacation for Easter. And I enjoyed every second of it!

My sister lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL places that I've ever been. I first visited last winter - and had the chance to go back for a long weekend over Easter. My boyfriend, Jordan, came with me and got to meet my parents! It went well - I think my dog Kaiya may be in love!

The weekend was filled with eating out, cocktails, conversation and some snow! I went into this weekend with the full intention of getting in daily workouts and eating healthy...and it didn't happen. I did get some cardio in one day of skiing! But other than that I didn't track food, count calories or give AF about what I was eating or drinking. I had a fabulous time with family and I wouldn't have done it any other way.

But's back to reality. I'm going to Mexico in less than 3 weeks and my pants are tight. Ugh. I don't even want to think about trying on a bathing suit because I think I'll just get upset or pissed off at myself. So here is to a fresh slate, a new beginning, and a countdown to vacation!

Here are my TIPS on how to bounce back after vacation.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up – You don’t need to get back from vacation and “work off” what you ate. You don’t need to do two hour cardio sessions. You don’t need to mentally abuse yourself with negative thoughts about how you should have done things differently. There is absolutely nothing positive that will come of this, so leave it in the past!

Don’t Weigh Yourself – If you feel sluggish and/or bloated, you know it. The scale is only going to tell you the same thing but will more than likely put you in a horrible mood and maybe even make your behavior spiral out of control and send you into a binge. You know how you feel and how your pants fit, weighing yourself only to find out you’ve “gained” five pounds on vacation will do no good.

Increase Water Consumption and Avoid Alcohol – Increase your water consumption when you return from your trip, it will help flush out the toxins / booze and get your metabolism going again.

Start Back Up with Exercise. Now is a great time to start a new workout plan or pick up where you left off on your previous plan.

Do A Short Detox/Eat Real, Whole Unprocessed Foods. Not a juice cleanse or "soup diet" - but going back to basics and only eating healthy, unprocessed foods. Although prepping food might be the last thing you want to do, your body will thank you! Related: 7 day no junk food challenge.

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