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Beachbody Coach Training: Starting new conversations daily

Now that you are starting to share your health and fitness routine online, you want to have genuine conversations with people that are interacting with your posts. These will count as your new conversations that you are having daily on your Business Activity Tracker.

Some of these may turn into potential customers, some may not. And that is OK!

I think it's pretty obvious when someone is trying to sell you something and not being genuine....and that is NOT our goal with starting new conversations daily. You can't control who is going to say YES to Beachbody and to joining your Online Bootcamp or Coaching Team, but you CAN control how many people you talk to every month in order to try to reach your goals.

There are 2 types of conversations that you want to start daily.

1. Conversations with people interacting (like or comment) with your posts

2. "Hey Girls" with new people who haven't interacted with your posts (yet)

Conversations with people interacting (like or comment) with your posts

The first time you share your journey publicly, you’ll have a TON of positive feedback and support! Lots of likes, comments and people might even start messaging you! The ONE thing you should not do is WAIT for them to come to you. After about an hour of posting your “coming out” post or challenge group invite, start reaching out!

It doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to KNOW everything there is to know about everything...just START!

Here are some sample conversations / conversation tips:

YOU: Hey NAME! Thank you so much for the support on my post the other day. It wasn’t easy to share but all the love from everyone makes it so much easier! Being a part of these accountability groups has been such a game changer for me. Are you working on your health or fitness right now?

From this message there are a few different messages you’ll get back. They’ll either say yes, no, sure or NOTHING at all. Don’t be offended if they say no or don’t respond. It’s NOT you they are saying NO to. It’s kind of like when you go to a restaurant and the waiter asks if you’d like dessert. If you say NO to the dessert, the waiter doesn’t go into the back and start crying that you said no!

>>> If they say “Sure! Tell me about it!”, you can respond with something like:

YOU: In these groups, we share meal plans/recipes, do 30 minute workouts, focus on building confidence, support each other like crazy and just have a safe place to do LIFE together. What have you been struggling with specifically?

>>> From there, you can follow up with something like…


I used to struggle with what to eat before too. What I love about these programs is that I have an approved foods list to work from and sample meal plans. Would you be willing to follow a plan from a professional?

I love that I can workout at home now! We check in to a private FB group and it's pretty motivating to see dozens of other women working out and making it work. Do you think you'd find that helpful?

{Feel free to be REAL about your experience and how Beachbody and these Bootcamps have helped you finally see results}

>>> Your customer might I HAVE to do the shakes?

YOU: I KNOW you’re skeptical about Shakeology. I was too. I actually did research for MONTHS to try and convince myself that I didn’t need it when I got started. I was the “I like to chew my food & none of those stupid shakes work” person. Finally, I couldn’t find a reason NOT to try I just tried it. 4 years we are. I still drink it everyday and I’ve NEVER been this healthy. It’s going to come with your kit & if you end up not loving it, you can get all of your money back, no questions asked. Does that put your mind at ease a little bit?

>>> Answers will vary ((or they won’t respond after that)) but if they say..

“I want to but I think I’m going to pass this time.”

YOU: Would you mind telling me what’s holding you back?

>>> They will most likely respond with PRICE.

YOU: I felt the same way. I was a teacher when I started my journey the idea of trying to budget anything else into my finances seemed impossible. Because I was replacing one meal a day with Shakeology ($4 per meal), it was getting rid of my cravings which then got rid of my HANGRY hour pit stop at Starbucks, lol! I I didn’t realize how much I was spending on snacks here and there but by actually writing out a plan, sticking to it & using Shakeology daily..I ended up SAVING money. I can help you write out a meal plan like mine to help you if you’d like! Does that help you break it down and put your mind at ease?

>>> Responses will vary. If you talk back and forth and they end up saying YES to jumping in the group…

YOU: Oh good! So excited you’re going for it!! What flavor Shakeo do you want to go for and what’s your email address?

This is when you would send the direct link through the Share A Cart website.

If you get a FIRM “Not right now” or “No”, make sure you follow with a, “I understand that this might not be the best time for you. I run a new group every month. Would you mind if I follow up with you for a future group?”

That is a CRUCIAL step to building your pipeline. Your NO’s are the people going on your follow up list! Make sure you have a running list so you always have people to reconnect with!

If you are having conversations that you are struggling to come up with responses to, PLEASE reach out. Do not try to do it all on your own. Conversations will come naturally with time but while you’re still learning and growing as a coach, do not be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS. Post in the team page, send your coach a message, etc.!

PUSH FEAR ASIDE. Do NOT let fear paralyze you from reaching out and building your business. GO FOR NO. The more NO’s you get, the SEEDS you’ve planted! Start to train your brain that NO isn’t a bad thing. It’s the first step to starting a relationship with someone. Almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON on our team or in our groups, said NO first. Did YOU say no at first? Did YOU take your time committing to a group or joining the team? Remember, it’s not about doing things on OUR’s THEIR time.

I’ve spent YEARS following up with the same people and then all of the sudden--they say YES! I could have quit on them, made them feel bad about all their excuses but what would that have done? It would have pushed them further away and made them even more skeptical about what we do. Never give up on people. Never make them feel bad about themselves. Never put your goals before their goals.

Welcome to the world of INVITING! If you do it DAILY, you’ll be a PRO before you know it!!

"Hey Girls" with new people who haven't interacted with your posts (yet)

These should feel organic and genuine. Never force or copy and paste! Be personable and take time to look at people's profiles/posts to learn more about them. At some point these may transition over to invites if the conversations go well.


“Hey girl your cover photo is amazing, where was it taken?” “Hey girl, it looks like you were a part of a (insert fitness event). How was it?” “Hey I saw you post about watching (insert trendy TV show), how is it? I’m due for some Netflix!” “Hey girl I love that recipe video you posted. Did you try it? It looks amazing!”


“Hey girl!! Thanks for much for the love on my post! Does it sound like something you’d like to be a part of??”

“Hey girl! Thank you for the love on my post! I’m totally new at all this but I’m so excited about it! I’m starting a new group with my coach next week and I would love to do it WITH friends! Does it sound like something you’d like to be a part of”

“Hey girl! I just wanted to circle back around and invite you to the next accountability group. I know the last time we talked about it, it just wasn’t the right time for you. Does now feel like a better time for you to jump in with us?”((Follow up exmaple))

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