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Beachbody Coach Training: How to share the monthly Online Bootcamp

Inviting to your Challenge Group (or Online Bootcamp) is one of the 4 vital behaviors that you will be doing DAILY as a Coach.

Sharing your health and fitness journey on a daily basis, along with specific posts promoting your Online Bootcamp will make it a lot easier to start conversations about the Online Bootcamp to your social media friends and followers.

The important thing to remember is that posting publicly about your Online Bootcamp doesn't count as an "invite." You need to be having daily 1:1 conversations with people to see if it leads to an invite. The power is in the personal conversation.

So how can you share your Fitness Journey without looking like a walking advertisement? Good question!

1. Think of what you share on social media as your "Fitness Diary."

Instead of just posting a sweaty selfie, reflect on the workout. Was it hard? Did you enjoy it? Did you push yourself? Did you progress from last week/month? Was there a quote from your Trainer that really hit home to you? How did you make this workout fit into your busy day? Are you too shy to go to a gym or exercise in front of other people?

2. How is your nutrition playing a part in your results?

Let's be honest - we all know that most people struggle with what to eat. Beachbody programs simplify what to eat, so how can you share that with others? Share your weekly meal prep, favorite recipes, how this program compares to other "diets" you have followed.

3. How does the Bootcamp and online community keep you on track?

Are you motivated by seeing other women check in daily? Did you ever have a person asking you if you did your workout before? Is it nice to have a "safe" place to check into with no judgement?

4. What kind of results have you and others in the group gotten? (scale and non-scale)

Are your jeans fitting better? Have you lost weight? Can you do 5 pushups on your toes? Is there another mom that has lost the baby weight? (note, always ask before sharing someone else's photos)

>>> When posting photos make sure they are clean, clear and not using photo grids unless it's a true before/after photo.

All of these things above are ideas to consider when sharing about your health and fitness on a daily basis. When you are sharing daily, be sure to thank and follow up with everyone who is interacting with your posts.

Crafting a specific "Call To Action" post about joining your Bootcamp

Once a month, our Team starts a brand new Bootcamp and accepts new Challengers. We usually start in the middle of the month on a Monday. We strategically start in the middle of the month so that every coach has about 1.5 weeks to promote the group prior to it starting. This gives us time to make posts, start conversations, follow up with potential customers AND get orders in so that they ship and show up in time for your new customer to begin on time.

There is a fine science to posting a "Call To Action" post about monthly Bootcamps. They must be compelling, direct and clear about what the Bootcamp is, when it starts, and how to contact you to learn more about it.

Below are example posts that you can use for inspiration when promoting the next Bootcamp.

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