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Beachbody Coach Training: Scheduling your Power Hour

Today I want to talk about creating a POWER HOUR and scheduling out your time as a Beachbody Coach.

Building a successful Team Beachbody business requires effective time management. No matter how little or how much time you have to invest using your time wisely is very important.

I work 45-50 hours a week in an office, and schedule my time accordingly of when I do everything on my Business Activity Tracker.

Watch this video from Superstar Diamond Coach Melanie Mitro about creating a power hour:

Here is how my Power Hour works throughout the day:

Morning before work (20ish minutes):

- Send FB invites / IG follows

- FB posts

- Answer messages in inbox

Drive to work (35 minutes):

- Drink my Shake

- Listen to personal development

Lunch / Downtime at work (30 minutes):

- Send follow ups

- Send invites to Challenge Group

- Answer messages in inbox

- Check into Team page & Challenge Groups

After work (time TBD):

- Workout & post about it

- Team Calls

- Start new conversations

- Check into Team page & Challenge Groups

Note: Since I build my business and lead a larger team, I am devoting more than 1 hour a day to Beachbody daily. When I first started my business and my goal was to help 3 people a month, I'd spend about 1 hour a day Monday - Friday and maybe 2 hours on the weekends.

It was when I finally started to TRACK my business with the Business Activity Tracker that I made sure my time was being used wisely.

A few other things to note:

1. Now that you are using social media as a form for business, I highly recommend that you TURN OFF ALL NOTIFICATIONS. It can be very distracting every time you hear a "ding" or see a flashing notification. Only check FB or IG when you are doing your power hour and go into those apps with intentions.

2. Track who you are talking to. Whether it's pen and paper, an excel spreadsheet or investing in a program like Google Streak --- keep track of people. When you add up talking to 3 people a day over time, you will forget who you were talking to and when you said you would follow up.

3. If you miss part of your power hour one day, make it up another day. It's easy to put off doing the daily tasks one day, and then another. If you skip doing these tasks over time it will add up and you may miss your business goals.

Here is a New Coach Power Hour

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