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What a Health Coach ate for her Birthday

Lipstick and Lunges - Lauren Beley

Lipstick and Lunges - Healthy Meal Plans

I’ve been a fitness business owner for 6 years now, and a lot of the questions that I get revolved around food. What to eat, do I always eat healthy, do I eat this or that?

It’s even funnier when I’m at work (I’m a Senior Email Marketing Manager for a retailer in Texas) and my coworkers joke about if I’ll eat a piece of birthday cake for someone, or have that slice of pizza. I am a healthy person – but I think the common misconception is that I NEVER eat unhealthy food --- which is untrue! I’ve just made the decision to eat less of that type of stuff and do my best at work (on weekdays) to focus on the food that I prep and bring into work.

I’ve always said that I do believe in the “treat-yo-self” mentality, as long as you have earned it. I used to be the gal that went YOLO Friday – Sunday and then couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight, ha. Now I allow 2-3 treat meals a week as long as I’ve stuck to my workout schedule and healthy eating.

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY and I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted the entire day. I wanted to share some of my favorite treats!

Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology, banana, peanut butter (Jordan made it for me!)

Breakfast 2: Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte, cheese Danish

Lunch: Chips and Queso, Chicken Tacos at Taco Diner

Dessert: Birthday Cake (Vanilla / Vanilla)

Happy Hour: 1.5 glasses Rose

Dinner: We ate at Bonefish, and I told Jordan I wanted to go ALL OUT and have whatever I wanted. We started with Bang Bang Shrimp, mussels and bread. For dinner I ordered Pecan Baked Trout with potatoes and broccoli (I ate half of it). For dessert (I always have room for it) I had Crème Brule. I also had 2 raspberry martinis throughout the meal.

Lipstick and Lunges - Healthy Meal Plans

I ended the day full as can be. But honestly, it was a day full of all the foods I LOVE, with no regret.

What’s happened to me in the past, however, is allowing a birthday or celebration turn from one day into three days into a week, into more days that I’d like to admit. The goal is for that not to happen this year. Here are the steps that I take after a day of treats to get back on track:

  1. Have a plan when it comes to food the next day. Post birthday I packed a lunch and have dinner made already in the fridge.

  2. Drink a gallon of water the next day to help flush out everything in my system.

  3. Skip the drinks for a few days.

  4. Get a workout in.

  5. Done regret anything you had! Just move forward and work to get back on track.

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