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He put on ring on it! Time to get fit for my wedding | 5 healthy bride tips


I'm very excited to share with ya'll that Jordan popped the question to me earlier this month. It was incredibly romantic, involved both of our families and was beyond my wildest dreams.

One of the first things that Jordan said to me after we got engaged is..."OK, it's time to get serious and shred for the wedding."

So I will say, I've done a better job than him at keeping up a healthy schedule. I'm always following a workout program (I just finished this 8-week program) and I meal prep for us during the week. Have we been perfect? No way! Ha. So the fact that I have a wedding to plan and look forward to is going to be the kick in the butt to be honest about the work I want to put in and the results I want to get.

If you are new to following me; here's my weight loss history. I am 5'10" with a pear body shape (smaller top and wider bottom). I have been following portion controlled clean eating and at-home workouts for the past 5 years, and have lost 20-25 lbs and changed my lifestyle for good.

I'm not looking to go on a crash diet for my wedding (we haven't set a date as of yet). But I do know that in the past I have been more toned in my core and legs, which is ultimately what I would want to focus on for my wedding and honeymoon.

Focus is renewed! I'm excited for this journey and to work with other brides along the way to help them look and feel amazing on their big day.

Here are the mantras I am going to live by as we are wedding planning and prepping.

1. Set small, realistic goals

2. Ramp up your exercise as you feel comfortable.

3. Eat at home more often than eating out.

4. Ditch the junk food at home (so you aren't tempted).

5. Don't compare to others on social media!

Lipstick and Lunges - How to lose weight for wedding

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