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80 Day Obsession: Week 3 results

Week 3…aka the week that I gained weight back and tried to blame it on stress and my period. I was too embarrassed to write this blog post until now (4 days after when I normally blog).

But instead of wallowing in the fact that I gained weight back, I used it to MOTIVATE me to look at the root of what I was slacking on last week.

This is real life – and if you don’t follow the plan in front of you from a professional, you can’t expect the results.

80 Day Obsession - Week 3 results

Starting weight Wk 3: 170.6

End of Week 3: 172.5

Weight gain: +1.9 lbs

Total program weight loss: 2.5 lbs

*I'm 5'10" and 33 years old*

Ah, the dreaded weight gain. The sinking feeling when you see that a week went by and you GAINED instead of losing weight. The slap in the face that I’m a health and fitness professional, that is supposed to be teaching others how to be healthy but this past week I put myself on the back burned and slipped by into unhealthy habits.

When it comes down to it: I didn’t meal prep enough, I was emotionally charged from PMS and wedding planning, I ate like complete shit on Sunday with Jordan. Sunday was my “treat meal” but it turned into “treat day” (turkey burger, fries, wine, homemade pizza). All of those things aren’t bad…I just ate too much of them and made that my entire day before stepping on the scale.

Lipstick and Lunges - 80 Day Obsession results

Our Eagles vs. Cowboys treat day

I saw a post from a fellow Coach that I can 100% relate to and need to share (thank you Julie)

I have TWO options today... ❌ Beat myself up about it and either way over restrict (starve) myself today or say F it, it doesn’t work, I’m not meant to lose weight because of (insert bs excuse here) and give up OR ✅ Realize that despite what the scale says, I did NOT gain this weight over night, allow myself to enjoy what I ate yesterday GUILT FREE, and get back on track today knowing the scale will likely be back where it’s supposed to be tomorrow or the day after Which option keeps me from going insane and gives me long term, sustainable results? So why do you keep defaulting to the first option and making yourself crazy?

As I’m writing this (Thursday of Week 4), I’ve gotten my act together and already seen a dip on the scale again. I’ve increased water intake, made a pot of my favorite Chili for lunches/dinners AND have a game plan for next week when I’m traveling. It was a reminder that it isn’t the end of the world to see there was a minimal game – but I know I feel a LOT more confident in what I am doing when I PLAN IT OUT. So that’s what I need to make time for each weekend, no matter what.

This next week will be out of the ordinary as I’m traveling home to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. The good news: my sister will be there and she follows the same programs that I do! So we can keep each other in check to enjoy Thanksgiving but not treat the entire WEEK as a "YOLO" vacation.

Do you want to give this program a try? Send me an email and I'll give you all the details about it.

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