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80 Day Obsession: Month 1 results

Four weeks in the books, let's celebrate! Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession is in the books.

80 Day Obsession - Week 4 results

Starting weight Wk 4: 172.5

End of Week 4: 169.9

Weight loss: -2.6 lbs

Total program weight loss: 5.1 lbs

*I'm 5'10" and 33 years old*

I've been blogging the past 4 weeks about how my experience is going with my 80 Day bootcamp. I'm a bride-to-be that's looking for some healthy habits to feel beautiful for my wedding.

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Week 4 was about getting back on track. In Week 3 I slacked off on meal prep, stressed out about wedding planning and ended up gaining weight back. I knew that I wanted to get back on the right foot and stop with the excuses. So I took the time to dumb-down what I was eating so that I could detox out the crap food I was eating.

What I ate this week:

Breakfast: Shakeology + 1 cup fruit

Lunches: Turkey Chili, various salads

Dinner: Salmon & Veggies, Turkey Chili

Snacks: Carrots, Apples, Cucumbers, Pistachios

Treat meals:

- 1 Cake pop on Wednesday for a co-workers birthday

- Wine on Thursday night at dinner (1 glass)

- Thanksgiving dinner: wine, carb-loading during dinner, apple pie

- Sunday football snacks: chili dip / chips, pumpkin pie

I did snack a bit more than I wanted to over the weekend (on Sunday), but it could have been a lot worse.

I'm going into Week 5 (Thanksgiving week) and will be at my parent's home in PA. My sister is also visiting this week, and the good news is that we follow a lot of the same workout programs. The part that I know I will struggle with is the snacking and not finding a reason to drink wine every single night that I'm staying at my parents house. I've fallen into "YOLO" habits when I've visited their house before, so I need to make a conscious effort to pick and choose and offset the treats I have.

Do you need help getting on track with your health or fitness? Send me an email and I'll help you pick out a program that fits your goals and schedule.

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